Josh Koziol

Lunenburg High School - Lunenburg, MA

“We targeted students who had social issues and were at high academic risk . These students had made bad choices and were suspended or had in school suspensions. The MASST-R program helped us signifcantly decrease office referrals... behaviors ... physical assaults."

Carol Crothers

College of Western Idaho, Nampa, ID

During my tenure as Director of Assessment, Accountability, and Curriculum for the Nevada Department of Education, I was fortunate to enlist the assistance of Sheinker Educational Services in ensuring compliance with requirements under the U.S. Department of Education’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act.  Jan and her team provided leadership and guidance in facilitating a course of action by which Nevada’s educators were able to establish standards and achievement level descriptors for the State’s general and alternative education assessments.  During the subsequent Peer Review process, Jan served as a knowledgeable and supportive technical assistance provider, while always ensuring that my staff and I were adequately equipped with a solid technical and practical foundation that endured long after the technical assistance was over.

Melissa Gholson

Charleston, WV

Dr. Jan Sheinker’s expertise and creativity supported my work as a state assessment coordinator for during a challenging time of standards development and implementation. She developed extremely powerful professional development materials to conceptually connect standards, instruction and assessment.  Her quick understanding of local context and ability to coach others within the current arena of standards based educational frameworks is rare. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge of comprehensive assessment systems and assessment technical requirements. All of which were powerful in supporting our state in going beyond meeting requirements under ESEA and IDEA.

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