What we offer


Sheinker Educational Services provides a variety of services to improve educational outcomes. Services we provide include consulting to states, districts, schools, and national organizations; instructional and training products; and professional development in a variety of formats.



Professional Development

We provide technical assistance to states, districts, schools and national organizations on topics related to aligning systems to meet federal requirements and achieve standards. We help focus attention on total alignment of every aspect of the educational system with the desired outcomes or standards. We have helped multiple states develop performance standards for their assessments that are used in setting standards, guiding instruction, and reporting results to teachers and parents. We have also provided technical assistance to vendors to design their technology platforms to meet the accessibility requirements of APIP standards. See the  Consulting page for more information.

We have developed documents for national organizations to use in providing training in assessment administration; professional development in assessment literacy, school improvement and data based decision making; and instructional topics.


We currently have available an updated version of our Metacognitive Approach to Social Skills Training – Revised (MASST-R) Strand A. MASST-R Strand B is currently under development. Metacognitive Approach to Study Strategies (MASS) is currently under revision. See the Products page for more information.

We provide professional development in a variety of formats: Face-to-face, on-line videos and PowerPoints, and live web presentations. We can help your organization develop professional development that is based on research proven methods.


On our website, we have provided videos and PowerPoint presentations on our metacognitive instructional materials. See the Professional Development page for more information.