Sheinker Educational Services, Inc.


For more than thirty years, Sheinker Educational Services, Inc. (SES) authors have developed instructional programs, policy documents, and professional development training materials for classrooms, schools, districts, states, and national organizations.

Metacognitive Approach to Social Skills Training--Revised (MASST--R) The MASST-R program was developed by the author's while working with general education, special education and gifted students in a variety of settings. It has since been used in all of these kinds of classrooms. The program consist's of a Facilitator's Manual, Module lessons and guides, and student graphic organizers. The five modules are sequenced and are best presented in sequence but can be taught independently.


Facilitator's Manual. The Facilitator's Manual is a complete guide for teachers, counselors and others who are facilitating the program for students or small groups. It includes a rationale, explanation of skills and how they are taught, tips for teaching the program, examples of metacognitive teaching and learning techniques, features of the program and description of the organization of the program. As a tool for trainers and a resource for those without access to training, it is an indispensible reference.


Modules. The program consists of five modules: Self-Awareness, Social-Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-Making that teach skills critical to socialization and college and career readiness. Each Module contains a series of Lessons and Guides for teaching the lessons that provide explicit information for presenting and facilitating metacognitive social skills acquisition.


Student Graphic Organizers. For each module, a set of student graphic organizers are provided for students to demonstrate the skills they are learning during lessons and practice the skills during homework. 

Metacognitive Approach to Study Skills-Revised. The MASS-R program was developed by the author's while working with general special education, and gifted students in a variety of settings. The program has been used to teach students how to organize and self-regulate their thinking and learning to succeed in the most challenging instructional materials. The program in currently under revision.






Designing Professional Development to Support Assessments. The SES authors have extensive experience is training users of assessment in the development, evaluation, alignment and application of assessment. This publication provides professional developers with frameworks for developing effective, comprehensive assessment professional development that is customizable to their own assessment materials.