Meet The Team


SES was formed in 1998 by Dr. Jan Sheinker. Since then, the SES team has grown to include experts in general and special education assessment, curriculum development, and specific content areas including English language arts, reading, mathematics and science. All members of the team have both taught in and supervised classrooms. The team has worked together to conduct alignment studies, coauthor curriculum materials, and guide aspects of assessment development for districts, states, and consortia.

Jan Sheinker

Founder & CEO

Jan Sheinker, Ed.D. has authored instructional and professional development materials in social skills, study skills, metacognition, and policy related to standards, curriculum, assessment, instruction, school improvement, and systems alignment. She has designed and conducts studies of alignment of curricula and assessments, provided technical assistance to multiple states on aspects of assessment and works with several states on all of the above topics and their application to both general and special populations. 

Alan Sheinker, Ed.D. specializes in state and local assessment, and accessibility. He has worked with states on these topics and their application to both general and special populations. Dr. Sheinker has worked for several vendors, the University of Kansas CETE Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessment project, and Wyoming State Department of Education. He recently lead a team that attained APIP certification for accessibility for on-line assessments.

Alan Sheinker

Consultant & Author

Cheryl Holder, Ed.D. is an educational consultant who works with state departments of education, local school districts, and others in areas such as standards/curriculum alignment, assessment, social emotional skills training and character education. She has authored numerous publications and developed training on inclusion, school improvement and Response to Intervention (RtI), school to work transition, standards-based reform, school restructuring, and metacognition related to social skills and behavior training. 

Cheryl Holder

Consultant & Author

Patti Whetstone, Ed.D. is a  former state director of special education, university professor, general education and special education classroom teacher and consultant. Dr. Whetstone also has led the development of content standards, extended standards and performance descriptors in several states for both general education content areas as well as the alternate assessment. She has coauthored research articles and curriculum materials on metacognition and special education topics.

Patti Whetstone

Consultant & Author

Anne Bradley

Staff Editor

Anne Bradley, M.A., is the publications editor for all Sheinker Educational Services, Inc. products and reports. She has been a publishing editor, reading and language arts item writing trainer, and manager for a testing vendor. Ms. Bradley has also been a state director of assessment. Previously, Ms. Bradley taught reading, writing, and study skills to re-entry community college students. She also researched and developed media-based prevocational instructional learning materials and coordinated large tutorial program.

Michael D. Struiksma, EdS, an adjunct instructor at Eagle Gate/Provo Colleges, has an extensive background in both teaching and educational administration.  He has worked developing curriculum, assessments and school improvement plans at both the public school and college levels.  Most recently he has been developing courses for online instruction focused on strengthening basic general education skills. He has also participated in numerous studies, examining the alignment of assessments with standards.

Mike Struiksma