SES Vision & Mission



Our Vision – Helping students take control of their learning and educators create conditions for success in 21st Century educational systems.


Our Mission:

  • Encouraging the evolution of educational systems that support teaching and learning of the most challenging content

  • Maximizing successful teaching and learning through metacognitive strategy training

  • Promoting reflective scholarly practice by teachers and students using metacognitive methods

  • Facilitating the development of responsible self-directed learners prepared to compete in a diverse global community


For educational policy makers and administrators, we provide technical assistance and professional development to build systems that support teaching and learning that prepare students to meet the learning and workforce challenges of the 21st century. 


For teachers, we provide training and on-going professional development to guide facilitators of student learning to help students develop self-control of their behavior and learning through acquisition of metacognitive strategies.


For students, we provide instructional materials and products on metacognitive social skills and study skills that promote acquisition and generalization of challenging content and skills.  


Success in learning at the highest levels requiring awareness of one's own thought processes sometimes called executive function or metacognition.  Metacognition enables students to self-monitor, self-evaluate, self-correct, and self-direct to acquire new knowledge and skills, make better choices, set goals and achieve them. We believe that teaching metacognitive skills to students is essential to the generalization of new behaviors and learning.