MASST-R Responsible Decision-Making Student Graphic Organizer (SGO)

MASST-R Module 5: Responsible Decision-Making SGO

MASST-R A Module 5 Student Graphic Organizers (SGO) are used by students as guides for completing lesson and homework activities on Responsible Decision-Making. The Module Lesson steps and scripted Guides for Conducting the Lessons provide directions to the counselors, teachers, and parents facilitating the lessons to direct students on how and when to use the graphic organizers. The Student Graphic Organizers are used during the lesson to support internalization of the skills and when completing homework to promote generalization of the skills. The graphic organizers guide students through group and independent activities. Not every lesson will have a graphic organizer and some lessons may have more than one.

Requirements of this version of MASST-R SGOs is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 & 10, Android, and IOS 9 or later.

License is perpetual and allows the user to use the product in his/her individual school classroom. Direct inquiries for district or state adoptions to SES, Inc.