Our Projects


Sheinker Educational Services and its partners and affiliates have worked across the United States providing technical assistance in the development of standards, curriculum and assessment, leading training sessions and professional development initiatives, and participating in conferences. Among the services SES has provided are:


  • Technical assistance and training to States and stakeholder groups in the development of standards, performance descriptors, curriculum, and curriculum guides for general education and disabilities programs.


  • Technical assistance to States on state and district policies per federal requirements related to alignment, technical quality, and reporting of assessments for all students including students with disabilities.


  • Technical assistance and project management to States and Consortia on assessment design, accommodations and accessibility for students with disabilities in general assessment and students with significant cognitive disabilities in alternate assessment, and related technology demands for APIP.


  • Alignment studies of assessments and curricula for general education students and special education students for assessment vendors, States, and districts.


  • Research and program development on metacognitive social skills and metacognitive study strategies.


  • Presentations and training to districts and organizations on metacognitive social skills and metacognitive study strategies.


  • Partnerships with educational services providers, laboratories, organizations, and vendors to design and develop professional development in assessment administration, assessment literacy, and alignment of curriculum and instruction with standards.


Sheinker Educational Service’s metacognition publications have been used in districts and schools across the country with general education students, gifted students, alternative education students and students with disabilities since the 1980’s. These publications and research on them has been updated in 2011 and 2015.

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