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Meet Our Team

Jan Sheinker Founder & CEO


Jan Sheinker, Ed.D. has authored instructional and professional development materials in social skills, study skills, metacognition, and policy related to standards, curriculum, assessment, instruction, school improvement, and systems alignment. She has designed and conducts studies of alignment of curricula and assessments, provided technical assistance to multiple states on aspects of assessment and works with several states on all of the above topics and their application to both general and special populations. 

Cheryl Holder Consultant & Author


Cheryl Holder, Ed.D. is an educational consultant who works with state departments of education, local school districts, and others in areas such as standards/curriculum alignment, assessment, social emotional skills training and character education. She has authored numerous publications and developed training on inclusion, school improvement and Response to Intervention (RtI), school to work transition, standards-based reform, school restructuring, and metacognition related to social skills and behavior training. 

Anne Bradley Staff Editor


Anne Bradley, M.A., is the publication editor for all Sheinker Educational Services, products, and reports. She has been a publishing editor, reading and language arts item writing trainer, and manager for a testing vendor. Ms. Bradley has also been a state director of assessment. Previously, Ms. Bradley taught reading, writing, and study skills to re-entry community college students. She also researched and developed media-based prevocational instructional learning materials and coordinated large tutorial program.

Alan Sheinker Consultant & Author


Alan Sheinker, Ed.D. specializes in state and local assessment, and accessibility. He has worked with states on these topics and their application to both general and special populations. Dr. Sheinker has worked for several vendors, the University of Kansas CETE Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessment project, and Wyoming State Department of Education. He recently led a team that attained APIP certification for accessibility for on-line assessments.

Patti Whetstone Consultant & Author


Patti Whetstone, Ed.D. is a  former state director of special education, university professor, general education and special education classroom teacher and consultant. Dr. Whetstone also has led the development of content standards, extended standards and performance descriptors in several states for both general education content areas as well as the alternate assessment. She has coauthored research articles and curriculum materials on metacognition and special education topics.

Mike Struiksma Consultant


Michael D. Struiksma, EdS, an adjunct instructor at Eagle Gate/Provo Colleges, has an extensive background in both teaching and educational administration.  He has worked developing curriculum, assessments and school improvement plans at both the public school and college levels.  Most recently he has been developing courses for online instruction focused on strengthening basic general education skills. He has also participated in numerous studies, examining the alignment of assessments with standards.


Who We Are

For more than thirty years, our authors have developed instructional programs, policy documents, and professional development training materials for classrooms, schools, districts, states, and national organizations.

Our Vision:

Helping students take control of their learning and educators create conditions for success in 21st Century educational systems.


Our Mission:

  • Encouraging the evolution of educational systems that support teaching and learning of the most challenging content

  • Maximizing successful teaching and learning through metacognitive strategy training

  • Promoting reflective scholarly practice by teachers and students using metacognitive methods

  • Facilitating the development of responsible self-directed learners prepared to compete in a diverse global community


For educational policy makers and administrators, we provide technical assistance and professional development to build systems that support teaching and learning to prepare students to meet the learning and workforce challenges of the 21st century. 


For teachers, we provide training and on-going professional development to guide facilitators of student learning to help students develop self-control of their behavior and learning through acquisition of metacognitive strategies.


For students, we provide instructional materials and products on metacognitive social skills and study skills that promote acquisition and generalization of challenging content and skills.  


Success in learning at the highest levels requiring awareness of one's own thought processes is sometimes called executive function or metacognition.  Metacognition enables students to self-monitor, self-evaluate, self-correct, and self-direct to acquire new knowledge and skills, make better choices, set goals and achieve them. We believe that teaching metacognitive skills to students is essential to the generalization of new behaviors and learning.

What We Offer

Sheinker Educational Services provides a variety of services to improve educational outcomes. Services we provide include instructional and training on our products, and professional development in a variety of formats.




We have developed documents for national organizations to use in providing training in assessment administration; professional development in assessment literacy, school improvement and data based decision making; and instructional topics.


We currently have available an updated version of our Metacognitive Approach to Social Skills Training – Revised (MASST-R) Strand A. MASST-R Strand B is currently under development. Metacognitive Approach to Study Strategies (MASS) is currently under revision. See the Products page for more information.


Professional Development:


We provide professional development in a variety of formats: Face-to-face, on-line videos and PowerPoints, and live web presentations. We can help your organization develop professional development that is based on research proven methods.


On our website, we have provided videos and PowerPoint presentations on our metacognitive instructional materials.


What skills does the MASST-R program teach to students?

The MASST-R program is organized into five modules, Self-Awareness, Social-Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making. Each module contains several chapters that are divided into multiple lessons related to the theme of each chapter.



How can I fit one more thing into my busy schedule?

Facilitators have used a variety of strategies to fit this valuable program into the schedule. Because lessons can be adjusted to fit anywhere from 30 minute to 50 minute sessions and occur anywhere from one or two sessions up to five sessions per week. For more information about how to fit the MASST-R into a busy schedule, view the video entitled “Scheduling the MASST-R”.



What types of students benefit from MASST-R?

The MASST program has been used with gifted, general education, at-risk, and a variety of students with disabilities. Students have improved behavior, academic performance, and self-control. Students also have improved in skills related to school to career such as goal setting, follow-through, and goal achievement. Students also exhibited better leadership skills.



How do I engage the reticent student in MASST-R?

The student journal is an excellent tool for students who do not like to respond in a group to engage in the program in a non-threatening way. Small group and pairing activities built into the program also help students interact with peers in ways that feel safe to reticent students. For more ideas about ways to engage reticent students in MASST-R, view the video entitled “Engaging the Reticent Learning in MASST-R”.



What supports are available for teacher facilitation?

SES provides many on-line resources to support teachers, counselors, and others who are facilitating groups and classrooms implementing the MASST-R. Training videos are available to help facilitators use the materials in teaching social skills. PowerPoints cover a variety of topics of interest to facilitators. The authors of the program are also available via email and can provide face-to-face trainings on site.



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